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Auto Restoration

Ouch Auto, a reputable company based in Tucson, specializes in frame-off auto restoration, a comprehensive and meticulous process that involves the complete disassembly and restoration of a vehicle’s frame and body. With their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, Ouch Auto provides exceptional frame-off auto restoration services that bring vintage and classic vehicles back to their original glory.

Frame-off auto restoration is a labor-intensive process that involves stripping the vehicle down to its bare frame and rebuilding it from the ground up. Ouch Auto’s skilled technicians carefully disassemble the vehicle, cataloging and documenting each component to ensure proper reassembly. This meticulous approach ensures that every part is accounted for and no detail is overlooked.

During the frame-off auto restoration process, Ouch Auto focuses on restoring the vehicle to its original factory specifications or exceeding them. They meticulously inspect and repair or replace any damaged or worn-out components. This includes the frame, body panels, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission, electrical systems, interior, and more. By addressing every aspect of the vehicle, Ouch Auto ensures that it not only looks stunning but also functions optimally.

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